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Our Faith Today

Item # LMS23

The Church in the book of Acts looks different than the Church of today. While cultures and doctrines have changed since the early days of the Church – God has not changed. Could it be that we are not seeing the results the early Church did because we have altered our messages from what Jesus originally commissioned? Could it be we struggle to have faith in God because our doctrines make allowances for failure? Are we suppose to look like the Church did during the former rain of God’s Spirit? Now, during the latter rain of God’s Spirit, should the Church be less powerful?

These questions and more are discussed in these life changing messages!

8 CD Album Series # LMS23

Part 1: Item # LM121 – God’s Plan for the Church Today
Part 2: Item # LM122 – God’s Word is an Absolute
Part 3: Item # LM123 – Building Blocks for the Days Ahead
Part 4: Item # LM124 – Teaching, Preaching and Demonstrations
Part 4: Disc 2 – Item # LM124B
Part 5: Item # LM125 – Being Double-Minded
Part 6: Item # LM126 – Living by the Word of the Lord
Part 6: Disc 2 – Item # LM126B Price: $42.00