CD Series

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Days of Demonstration

Learn how to demonstrate God’s love to a lost humanity

Heirs of God's Estate

Learn about our inheritance as sons of God

Enter His Rest

Our heavenly Father’s provision.

Extreme Makeover

Become an extreme believer in God!

Let's Go

Choose to let go of life’s cares into God’s hands.

Our Faith Today

Have we altered our message from what Jesus really commissioned?

Preparing for God's Glory

Walk in a new dimension of God’s glory.

Living by the Unseen

Live by the power of the Holy Spirit and all that is available to Him…

Redeemed and Saying So

Discover God’s patterns and imitate.

It's Harvest Time

Get stirred up about God’s plan for the church…

The Making of a Man

Overcome insecurity…

We're Goin' Somewhere

Understanding your place in God’s eyes.

Freedom from Strongholds

Tearing down strongholds….

Victory This Side of Heaven

Enjoy victory before we get to Heaven.

Keys to Victorious Living

Live a victorious life by knowing your Identity in Christ…

Just Relax

Cast your cares upon Him

Positioning for Properity

Be in position to unlock the glory of God

As a Man Thinketh.... So is He

How do you view yourself vs. how does God view you.

Living from the Inside Out

Learn what it takes to represent Jesus in the earth.

The Life of Faith

What is expected of us along the lines of faith?

The Glory of God in the Gospel

Are we preaching the same gospel as Jesus?

Speaking Our Authority

Jesus’ authority is our authority!

Receiving God's Love

Don’t just say it, receive it.

Running with God's Vision

Run the race of God’s agenda

The Revealing of the Sons of God

How far reaching is our inheritance?

Jesus the Master Builder

Establish God’s plan for you.

Could It Be This Simple?

Learn that the power of God is in the simplicity of the Gospels.”

Prosperity Defined

Prosperity defined begins with the renewing of the mind.

Walking in the Spirit

Learn what it means to “walk in the Spirit” and develop your spirit.

The Believer's Authority in Jesus

Learn what has been delegated to carryout God’s purposes on the earth through that name.

I Have a Supply

Learn how to tap into God’s provision for every area of our lives.

Faith vs. Believing

“What is Faith?” What does it mean to believe?” and more.

What's Controlling Your Mind

Learn how to take charge of your mind and destiny today!

Prayer: The Power of Asking

Learn about the power and simplicity of praying to God.

Altering Natural Laws

Altering natural laws through trusting God’s Word.

God's Last Day Army

Learn about the power of unity in the Body of Christ.

God's Power for Today

Explore God’s power for daily living